Heng Long 1/16 Scale Sherman RC Tank

Radio control, Ready to run


Sherman tank is a medium tank. It was the most widely deployed battle tank in American army during the Second World War (WWII). It was in service during 1942–1955 in USA. Sherman tank was designed in1940 and started production in 1941. It weighs 30 tons, and measures 5.84 m long, 2.62 m wide, and 2.74 m high. Read more about Sherman...

Heng Long Sherman - Product Details:

  • Tank size: 37X16.5X20 cm
  • Box size: 50.5x19.5x31 cm
  • Color: hunter green
  • Heng Long code: 3898-1 (smoke/sound version), 3898 (non-smoke/sound version)
  • RX-18 board (smoke/sound version)

Heng Long Sherman - Full Functions:

  • Realistic sound of engine, main gun and machine gun shooting (Sound volume adjustable)
  • Built in smoke unit.
  • Hull recoils when shooting
  • Full variable speed control: forward/Reverse/Pivot Turning (Outside wheels turn forward, while inside wheels turn backward at the same time)
  • Turret Turns 320 deg
  • Main gun moves up/down 30 deg
  • Machine gun flashing light
  • Realistic suspensions, like the real tanks!



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