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King Tiger manual Leopard 2 A6 metal gear drive shaft Jagdpanther Nylon Gears (complete set) KV-1 plastic gearboxes Sherman suspension cap Sherman main gun elevation gearbox KV-1 Nylon Gears (complete set) King Tiger metal sprockets M41A3 Bulldog main gun elevation gearbox Stug III metal gear drive shaft [B] China ZTZ 99 lower hull + rear panel + cables/switches Panther (PanTiger) turret 360 deg rotation gear Panzer III metal windows Leopard 2 A6 lower hull Panzer IV metal main gun + brass muzzle brake Tiger I metal tow ropes Jagdpanther metal gearboxes Jagdpanther metal shackles M41A3 Bulldog plastic gearboxes Panzer IV metal sprockets

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